At BnB Style we utilise a proven system to provide peace of mind without compromise.

We associate at all times with the right professionals to provide you with a peace of mind experience.

Properties That Work

  • High demand locations (currently Wynnum-Manly-Lota)
  • Furnished is preferable but unfurnished may also suit.

  • The property must be maintained to a standard of excellence.
  • 1, 2 or 3 bedroom townhouses or apartments

  • 3, 4 or 5 bedroom houses with minimal yard to be maintained

  • Air-conditioning is expected (preferably ducted).

  • Modern, well-appointed kitchen and bathroom/s.

Professional Cleaning

BnB Style ensures the property is professionally cleaned to a high standard after each and every Guest departure to prepare it for the next 5-star review from our next Guest.  For Property Owners and Property Managers, this ensures ongoing maintenance and cleanliness for the property … something not possible for a regular tenant to achieve.

Airbnb Protections

Airbnb gives us the ability to effectively screen all potential guests, including:

  • Government-issued photo ID which Airbnb is able to cross-check against the profile photo of the Guest.

  • Excellent reviews by other Hosts as confirmed by Airbnb.

  • Requiring all Guests to sign BnB Style’s non-negotiable House Rules which includes no parties, no pets and no smoking amongst other things specific to the property.

  • Provision of full names of all Guests.

  • Agreement to penalties for any breach of the House Rules (generally a deterrent for any Guest not to comply).

BnB Style’s non-negotiable rules to be agreed to before a booking is confirmed include:

  • No parties

  • No pets

  • No smoking

  • Rules specific to a particular property.

Owner or Agent?

We are happy to work with Property Managers or directly with Property Owners …. the choice rests with the owner as to how the property is managed.

Your Best Tenant

Property Owners and Property Managers know that BnB Style is the very best tenant to lease a property to because our income depends on our offer being at the highest standard at all times.  This means:

  • the property is cared for at an exceptional standard

  • regular professional cleaning on a multi-weekly basis

  • minor maintenance dealt with by BnB Style to keep property at high standard

  • we maintain insurance cover to deal with any possible issues

  • our non-negotiable rules for Airbnb guests of no parties, no smoking and no pets adds to the security for the property

  • rent is always paid on time

  • lease-breaks should never happen because everybody is happy with the arrangements

Property Criteria

BnB Style must maintain strict selection criteria which are applied in choosing a property to lease so that we always offer our AirBnB guests the very best 5-star experience in the properties we offer.