Our business is about BnB Style leasing residential property long-term and hosting short-term stays via Airbnb.

We Have Strict Conditions to Protect Properties we Lease

We impose strict conditions for those people who wish to stay:

  • No Parties

  • No Smoking

  • No Pets

This ensures that property is at minimal risk of accidental damage and it is at less risk, in fact than with most regular tenants.

Properties are regularly professionally cleaned and maintained

Properties will be professionally cleaned after every stay. As the average stay is less than a week, this means a sparkling clean property each and every week.  We will also attend to any minor repairs and maintenance issues such as changing lightbulbs or unsticking a drawer or calling a plumber at our expense.  Unless it is a major issue, you won’t even need to hear about it and we won’t bother owners about paying for anything minor as a regular tenant would expect.

Potential savings for you

If you as a property owner decide to manage your own property rather than employ a property manager (an owner’s choice as we are happy to work with property managers) when renting to BnB Style for the reasons outlined, you save on property management fees that otherwise impact your bottom line.

What You Really Need

It all adds up to BnB Style being what is really needed in a tenant. We provide a reliable passive income, a consistent return on investment and peace of mind in all respects.

Now that you are getting ready to move forward with this Arrange, Relax and Benefit strategy, please contact us on 1300 278 486 or with the form below and we will get back to you as soon as we are able.   We look forward to hearing from you and getting things happening.


We own a beautiful home in the Wynnum-Manly area and we have very high standards for our life and our holiday experiences. We expect 5-star experience in any property we rent through Airbnb for ourselves and we ensure our guests’ holiday experience in properties we manage through Airbnb will be 5-star and beyond. Our business depends on our providing the very best experience possible for the people we host as guests. To enable us to make our guests feel at home, your property needs to sparkle and that is a huge benefit to you.

When we rent your property under a Tenancy Agreement with a special agreement that allows us to on-rent through Airbnb, we make sure your property – once it meets our selection criteria – is and remains 5-star. It will be professionally cleaned after each and every Airbnb guest departs and cared for as if it is our own.

We understand how difficult it can be having tenants who don’t take care of a rented property because we have an investment property in an area not suitable for Airbnb short-stays. We wish we could rent to BnB Style and on-rent for short stays through Airbnb. Call us today and find out if you have a property that meets our requirements and find out how you can Arrange, Relax and Benefit with BnB Style.

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We believe no property owner should have ongoing worries with their investment property but do know how stressful it can be to have a tenant in place who does not respect a property and causes no end of grief for you either directly or through your property manager. You deserve to have peace of mind with your investment property. That is what BnB Style gives a property owner because we take care of any property we are responsible for and we pay on time every time and we work with you or your property manager to allow you to Arrange, Relax and Benefit. Simple!!! Effective!!! No-brainer!!! A busy life deserves the very best. We can help to Arrange, Relax and Benefit. It is what we do best.